Win-Win Remodeling has been making older homes beautiful again since 2015. Owner, Eric Crouse, is a licensed general contractor, a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS), and is insured and bonded. Eric is also a licensed real estate broker/Realtor©, so he understands what adds value to your home. At Win-Win Remodeling, we pride ourselves in doing what we say we'll do, when we say we'll do it. We’d love to help you make the home you love become your dream home. Contact Us to discuss your vision.


To better accommodate you, and for your convenience, you will be working with Eric from start to finish.  Remodeling is a process that will evolve over time well spent.


To get the ball rolling, give us a call. Let us know what you have in mind. We’ll talk through it with you and, if appropriate, set up a no-obligation preliminary meeting.


When we meet at your home for the first time we’ll hear what your objectives are and look at the room(s) that you’d like to recreate. We’ll also look at Pinterest or other ideas you may have collected. We’ll share a gallery of projects that we’ve completed and brainstorm ideas with you. After a thoughtful discussion of your objectives, we’ll take lots of measurements and pictures and possibly check out other parts of the home if structural changes are anticipated. Most projects require a design retainer that will be applied towards the cost of the project when you decide to proceed. 


In our second meeting we’ll present to you a preliminary design, scope of work and cost estimate. We find that this stimulates more excitement and also more questions and ideas. We gather all your input, add some of our own, and head back to work to refine the game plan. Depending on the complexity of the project, this refining may be wrapped up here, or it may take another session or two.


At this point we will have a firm design, scope of work and cost, and a dependable time estimate. We’ll sign a contract for services and schedule the start of work. A deposit will be collected at the time of contract signing.


Materials, paint colors, cabinets, fixtures, etc. need to be selected. Some clients like to shop on their own; others prefer some guidance. We’re happy to introduce you to our preferred suppliers and, if helpful, join you at their showrooms. Several suppliers offer their own, no-cost, design services which can be very helpful. If you have a different supplier that you’d like to work with, that’s fine, too. Some materials need to be purchased before work starts, some need to be ordered in advance, and some can be purchased as needed. Some may be purchased by the client, though most will be purchased by the contractor.


Get ready to watch your dreams come true! Most projects begin with some demolition and that’s when we really see things begin to change. A dumpster may be placed on or near your property, or construction waste may be hauled away by trailer. Either way, we’ll be respectful of your family and your neighbors. We’ll also do our best to keep the construction dust and debris contained to the work area. Various trades will be scheduled as efficiently as possible.  Sometimes “efficiently” means scheduling electricians, plumbers and carpenters on different days so they don’t get in each other’s way. Occasionally, due to scheduling, there may be no work going on. It’s a win for both of us when we can keep these down times to a minimum. Incidentally, many of our trades work on Saturdays and a few will work on Sundays. There is no additional cost for this. If you prefer to not have work going on in your home on specific days discuss that with us and we will accommodate your needs.


Our state, and the locales that we work in, may require that work done by one or more trades be permitted and inspected. If permitting/inspections are required, we will discuss the process with you in detail. 


You may decide, after your new room begins to take shape, that you’d like to change some feature, adding, subtracting or modifying. We will provide you with a cost (or savings) for the change, and let you know how it will affect the schedule. You are in control; when you sign off on the change it will be implemented. Occasionally, a need will be uncovered that was not apparent before the work begins. These may be discovered when walls are opened or tile is removed, for example. Again, you are in control. We will make recommendations and the additional work will be handled as a change order.


This is the day you’ve been waiting for! All work will be completed and any final inspections will be passed. All construction waste will be removed. Areas of the home affected by the remodeling work will be professionally cleaned. The balance due, including any change orders, will be paid. Now you can enjoy the thrill of a beautiful remodel!

Ready to talk about your remodel?