Our Process
A remodeling process that delivers on time and on budget
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Our Process

9 steps to remodel success

The secret to any successful remodel is a solid plan of action. That’s why we follow the same 9-step process for each project we take on. It helps us manage timelines and tightly control the budget. It also helps our clients understand what’s happening when, so there are no surprises. Most importantly, it ensures that the completed project meets—and hopefully exceeds—everyone’s expectations.

Share your ideas & we’ll share ours.

Finalize the plan and let’s go!

Watch your remodel come to life.

Final finishes, time to enjoy!


It all starts with a conversation, either in person or on the phone. What are you hoping to remodel? If it seems like Win-Win is a good fit, we’ll talk through initial steps and, if appropriate, set up a no-obligation meeting at your home.


During our visit to your home, we’ll listen to your goals and brainstorm ideas with you. We’ll also take a lot of measurements and photos, plus check out other parts of your home if structural changes are anticipated.


In our second meeting, we’ll present you with an initial design, scope of work, and cost estimate. We’ll get your feedback and, if you decide to proceed, we’ll go back to refine the design and overall strategy.


Once you agree to the final design, scope of work, cost and timeline, you’ll sign a contract with us for our remodeling services, make a deposit, and get on our schedule.


Materials, paint colors, cabinets, fixtures, etc. will need to be selected. You can shop on your own or get our help. We’re happy to introduce you to our preferred suppliers and join you at their showrooms. If you have a different supplier that you’d like to work with, that’s fine, too.


Most projects begin with some demolition, and that’s when you’ll see things begin to change. A dumpster may be placed on or near your property, or construction waste may be hauled away by trailer. Either way, we’ll be respectful of your family and your neighbors. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters and any other contractors will be scheduled as efficiently as possible.


Our state and towns may require that certain work be permitted and inspected. We’ll work closely with them to make sure all requirements are met to their satisfaction.


At any point during your project, you may decide that you want to change the original plan, or sometimes you have to make a change based on an unexpected finding during construction. No worries. We’ll provide you with a revised cost and timing estimate. With your approval, we’ll proceed with the new plan.


This is the day you’ve been waiting for! All work and inspections will be completed and all construction waste will be removed. Any areas of your home affected by the remodel will be professionally cleaned. Now you can enjoy the thrill of a beautiful Win-Win remodel!


Use our online form to send us a quick question or request. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, usually within one business day if not sooner.


As an alternative to our online form, you can send an email directly to owner Eric Crouse with questions, requests or photos and other attachments.


Want to have a conversation instead of just sending a message? Give us a call. If we don’t pick up, leave a voicemail, and we’ll get back to you soon.